The Choice is Yours!

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The system of “Works Religion” is as old as mankind. Satan has lied to all of us and has seduced us with the idea that we can do enough “good deeds” to merit Salvation and forgiveness of sin. The sad truth is that most people do not look closely at their problem. When we sin, when we break the law,… Read more »

“Are You in BIG Trouble?”

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Last week I spoke about the dangers of debt. Most Americans have heard much about the Debt Crisis that is haunting their country. While this is a very serious problem, it is a problem that can be alleviated or solved with concerted effort, sacrifice and diligence. The “Debt” dilemma that mankind faces is far worse. When an individual sins, when… Read more »

Got Debt?

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Debt is a word that is in the news. There is debate and discussion on the National Debt ceiling. It is sad that so many argue over how to manage something that is universally recognized as deadly. In every game—except Government and Politics—when you are out of money, you lose. The tragic reality is that our governing leaders think our… Read more »