Sorcery, Witchcraft and Occultism

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We live in a World that is fascinated with the Occult. Book Stores say there is an explosion of interest in Witchcraft and the material that detail their practices. While this generation has been deeply impacted by the fictional series about Harry Potter, I believe that interest in Sorcery, Witchcraft, Demons and Occultism has always run deep in human nature…. Read more »

“Forgiveness or Fairness”

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We live is an age where the world seems quite concerned with “fairness”. Because of this obsession over “fairness” many people live upset, bothered and unhappy lives. The muttering of the masses echo the following sentiments: —It is unfair that I lost my job! —It is unfair that my spouse left me! —It is unfair that I have this sickness!… Read more »

No Giving Up!

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We live in a “Give Up” world. Marriage is in a state of emergency because people would rather “give up” than sacrifice to make it work. Bankruptcy is a popular way for many to end their debt-fight. Why work, sacrifice and pay-off what is owed when one can say—”I give up!”—and start over with fresh money. While the cowardly come… Read more »