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“Carry On”

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            This past Sunday, Easter Sunday, our worship service included a song that related to the New Testament character—Simon of Cyrene.  The message of this song comes from the Gospel narrative found in Mark 15.  After Jesus had been condemned to die and was carrying his Cross to the appointed execution area, he stumbled.  Because… Read more »

“Noah–Where art Thou?”

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            Perhaps you have been following the hub-bub surrounding the newly released movie—“Noah”.  It has been certified a success by the Hollywood hype machine.  It has mega-star actors on the screen credits.  But the question we will tackle in this blog is:  “Was this a movie about the Biblical character Noah?”  The answer is—it was… Read more »

“Witnesses Needed.”

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            After Jesus was crucified and resurrected from the dead, he appeared to his followers.  Jesus’ appearances were to encourage and educate these confused followers.  Jesus spent 40 days getting his disciples ready for the day he would leave them and ascend back to Heaven.  Jesus comforted them with the promise that when he left,… Read more »