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Watch Out!!

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A very disturbing story is found in 1 Kings 13. This Scripture tells the story of God using an unnamed prophet to deliver a message to the King of Israel. What is unusual in this story is not the message to the King, but what God told the prophet to do. God told his servant, the prophet, that when he… Read more »

Take a Look!

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Who is your God?  Yes, I know that there is only one God.  But is your God that God.  What if we had an instrument that could look into your heart, what would your picture of God be? Let’s invent an imaginary person.  Thisaverage, all american fellow is named “Homer Humbug”.  A quick analysis of Homer’s God would probably bring… Read more »

Formula For Failure

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Have you ever heard the old expression, “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”  Whoever coined that phrase certainly understood the way this world works.  We may come up with some new technology and medical advances, but man and society remains the same. This sameness in mankind is normally not good.  Man has been and always will… Read more »