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“The Spirit of Christmas”

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            This time of year we often hear many jingles and sayings about Christmas and what Christmas is about.  Perhaps you have been told that Christmas is about giving.  This would be a good thought and a noble ambition.  Maybe you have heard that—“Jesus is the reason for the Season.”  Once again this is an… Read more »


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            Our lives work much better when we have hope.  Let me say that “hope” should not be confused with “optimism.”  Understand that optimism most often depends on human beings and hope depends on God.  As I view the world around me or watch the news, I see no reason to be optimistic about the… Read more »

“Who is watching you?”

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     Many people called him “O.A.”, in my mind the only initials that fit was “U.A.”.  They stood for “Uncle Arthur.”  As a boy, barely a dozen years old, I looked up to my uncle.  From a 12 year old’s perspective U.A. was old beyond reckoning (actually he was in his 70’s).  He owned a Motor Lodge.  When customers came… Read more »