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“Super Bowl Reflections”

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            Well, the Super Bowl has come and gone.  For fans of particular players or teams the game can bring highs and lows of emotion.  Every Super Bowl has its share of hype and hoopla.  Every year there are new players who burst on the public stage and the media applauds their accomplishments.  We often… Read more »

“How’s life?”

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As a new year begins let me presume to ask you a question.  Have we forgotten how to live life?  To some this might seem a frivolous question, but it is a monumental question.  Let me give you some examples of how some folk live life. First, there is life in the cocoon.  Many people prefer the silence of slumber. … Read more »

“Prayer is . . .”

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            Prayer is part of relating to God and developing a deeper relationship with Him.  There are many thoughts and ideas relating to prayer.  I want to share a thought that might encourage you and bless you in prayer.             The first way most of us learn to pray is by parroting or mimicking.  As… Read more »