About Us

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About Us—”Who we are”
Welcome to Fleming Garden Christian Church, a non-denominational Christian community located on the west side of Indianapolis. We are delighted that you are interested in knowing more about our family, and we trust that this web site will be helpful in giving you an idea of what really matters to us. The bottom line is that you matter to us, because you matter to God.

The Fleming Garden Church family believes we are here for a reason, and everything we do is motivated by that sense of purpose. We exist to love and save the world through Jesus Christ. Everything you read about in this web site exists because we believe it’s consistent with the mission of Jesus now passed on to us. As a Church family we are working to develop a broad diversity of ministries. While there is room at Fleming Garden Christian Church for every member to serve God in his own unique way, you’ll notice the following values under girding all we do.

We place a high priority on worshiping God privately and together. We desire that our assemblies and our very lives offer praise to Him who has redeemed us.

We believe it is essential that every Christian grow in his walk with the Lord. We offer a variety of teaching and serving experiences to help this vital maturing process.

We are committed to sharing with our immediate community and with the world what God has done for us through Jesus Christ. We want all to understand how much they matter to God.

Social Justice
We feel called to be salt and light in our world and to embody an ethic that is consistent with our new place in the kingdom of God. We want to be both a conscience and a hospital for our community. Please take the time to examine our web site carefully, and feel free to call if you have any questions. We make no claims to be a perfect church, but we have learned one thing that we strive to communicate and embody: People matter to God! And so, people matter to us… people just like you!