Got Debt?

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Debt is a word that is in the news. There is debate and discussion on the National Debt ceiling. It is sad that so many argue over how to manage something that is universally recognized as deadly. In every game—except Government and Politics—when you are out of money, you lose. The tragic reality is that our governing leaders think our National Debt is a game to be played—not a deadly problem to be solved.
Debt is a word what is used throughout the Bible. God tells us very clearly in his word—the Bible—that all persons are in deadly debt crisis. While the Scriptures do speak about the foolishness of being in financial debt—this is not what God speaks of when he warns us about being debtors. Romans 3:23 says: “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (NIV) A fact that many people ignore is that God has expectations for his creation. As the creator of everything—God made everything with a purpose. It would be obvious to all that God made the Sun to shine and provide light. God invented this thing we call water to refresh and sustain the life that he put on this earth. Life is a special gift that God placed in the Earth. Scientists have searched the Cosmos in search of life and they have not seen any except on this planet. Many scientists are now saying that perhaps Earth is the only place where life exists. This conclusion should not surprise us when the Bible says that God made all life on this world. To know that God made life is a pleasing alternative to the demeaning concept of Evolution. While Evolution is presented as fact on many media programs, the reality is that Scientists again and again prove that the basics claims of Evolution are wrong. Evolution is more accurately based on assumptions rather than facts of Science. One great truth of the Bible is that God made all life and that God has a plan for all life. As we have pointed out already—another truth of the Bible is that all people are debtors. When we do not live as God planned for us to live we fall short of expectations—we become sinners. To sin is to fall short of the expectation of the law.
Debt is a word that accurately describes a problem all people have. Once again, when one plays a game and that person goes broke—when they are in debt—they lose the game. When we look at God, sin and debt—these are not trivial issues. Being in debt to God is no laughing matter. Being in debt spiritually is a life and death matter. Just as many politicians need to get serious about our National Debt, so people need to get serious about their spiritual debt. Join me next week as we investigate how God offers us help in regard to our debt crisis!