Take a Look!

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Who is your God?  Yes, I know that there is only one God.  But is your God that God.  What if we had an instrument that could look into your heart, what would your picture of God be?

Let’s invent an imaginary person.  Thisaverage, all american fellow is named “Homer Humbug”.  A quick analysis of Homer’s God would probably bring disturbing observations.  Even though Homer is fictional, the way he relates to God is all to real for today.  Homer has a God that I’d name Elmer Fudd.  (You do remember Elmer don’t you?  The little guy who is in the Bugs Bunny cartoons.)  When Homer is called to take a strong stand he can’t.  When Homeris in trouble, he feels like he is alone.  Why?  His God is not there.  His God (like Elmer Fudd) has gone off on a heavenly, hunting trip—hunting hares!
Perhaps Homer needs wisdom.  He is facing a difficult dilemma.  Where does he turn to determine the right thing to do?   Certainly not to God!  Why?  Well, his great God (Elmer Fudd)  talks funny.  How can Homer understand a God that studders, stammers and speaks of “wuve, pwayer, wighteousness and wight wiving?”

Next time Homer sins, who will he go to for forgiveness?  Once again, it won’t be Jehovah Fudd.  Would you confess your sin and bow before a God who carries a shotgun, wears a hunting hat and cackles when he has you cornered?

Using the illustration of Elmer Fudd maybe a little bit corny, but is your God much better?  When the world ambushes you, can you call on the God who spoke the creation into existence?  Is Noah’s God your God?  When the hurricanes of life threaten to blow you away, can your God shut the doors of your Ark and protect you?  What about when you need assurance and stability, can your God deliver?  The God who delivered on His promises to Abraham is the same God that can deliver today.  What about in the secret compartments of your life?  Remember the story of the Persian King Belshazzar (Daniel 5).  This is the original “seeing the handwriting on the wall” story.  God judged Belt’s life.  Many people live as if God has taken up residence in a distant galaxy.  God is not the celestial old man in a heavenly rocking chair muttering, “boys will be boys.”  How about your God?

God is real.  God is here.  God is strong.  God still cares.  God will act.  God has not chosen to remove Himself to a throne on some far‑away castle.  He is a very present help in a very dangerous world.  Who is your God?  For you to be an effective Christian, your God must be the real God (not Jehovah Fudd). Remember this promise—””the eyes of the LORD rove to and fro throughout the earth, looking for those whose hearts are His, that He might strengthen them!” (2 Chronicles 16:9 NIV)