Formula For Failure

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Have you ever heard the old expression, “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”  Whoever coined that phrase certainly understood the way this world works.  We may come up with some new technology and medical advances, but man and society remains the same.

This sameness in mankind is normally not good.  Man has been and always will be a sinner (as long as he is in this old world).  This evil trend not only affects this world it also affects the Church. Several years a friend showed me a very old Church Clipping.  This clipping was from a 1946 Church newsletter.   The clipping was entitled—”How to Kill, Embalm, and Bury a Sunday School.”  Here is what the old article said:

There are sure and certain habits that will kill any Sunday School or Church function.  They are:

1.  Don’t come.
2.  If you do come, come late.
3.  If it’s too wet or too dry or too cold or too hot or too far, stay home.
4.  When you come be sure to find fault.
5.  Refuse every invitation to help.
6.  Never take part in the service.
7.  Do not encourage the officers or those in charge—they do not need it.
8.  Tell the officers and teachers how to run the Sunday School, they need to know.
9.  Put three cents in the collection.
10. Wear a sour face to show your disapproval of everything that is going on.
11.Rush out as soon as everything is over without speaking or lending a friendly hand to anyone.”

As I read this recipe for disaster, I was reminded that Satan is alive and well.  He has always tried to spoil anything that belongs to God (this is why Satan hates the Church).  I am also reminded that Satan is doomed to failure.  The God that we serve is greater than Satan.  Though Satan will try to discourage, destroy and denigrate us, he cannot be successful unless we let him.  Let’s discard Satan’s formula for failure and walk by God’s plan for success.  In receiving the grace that only comes through Jesus, let us remember that we have been given a wondrous gift.  Let’s make sure this gift gets passed on to others.  Let us build up rather than tear down!